Don’t Stand-by My Grave and you may Weep

Don’t Stand-by My Grave and you may Weep

When you are lonely and you can sick in your mind Visit the family we realize, And you may bury your own sorrows when you look at the starting a beneficial deeds. Miss me personally, however, i’d like to wade.

Do not sit at my grave and you may cry, I’m not indeed there, Really don’t sleep. I am inside a lot of winds you to strike, I am the latest carefully dropping snowfall. I am brand new comfortable shower enclosures out of precipitation, I’m the new areas of ripening cereals. I’m are hush, I am on the elegant rush Away from beautiful birds within the circling airline, I’m this new starshine of one’s night. I’m throughout the plants you to bloom, I am within the a peaceful place. I am about birds one to play, I’m inside the for every lovely situation. Do not stand inside my grave and you can scream, I am not indeed there. I didn’t pass away.

The newest Light Chariot

During your journey in your finally journey family. Light wings have a tendency to hold you and you’re flown. Toward pearly doorways from Paradise, in which they will certainly usher you when you look at the. On base of Lord, your Saviour, as well as your pal. He will hold you inside the possession and also the angels usually sing. (more…)

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