Cheating is a hard pill to swallow, nobody deserves to be treated like that in a relationship

Cheating is a hard pill to swallow, nobody deserves to be treated like that in a relationship

4. He’s not home

That your significant other spends a reasonable amount of time outside the home with other people, with no solid excuse is a sign he’s up to something naughty, especially if he was fond of getting back home early and things are different now. In addition to getting home late, your partner is secretive about who he was with and what they were up to.

As soon as he returns home, that’s the best time to hug that man and take a whiff of any strangers’ perfume. If he’s not cheating, then he shouldn’t be smelling like roses and lemon, when his perfume notes are woodier. If he unapologetically does whatever he feels, then this man shows little regard for you. Dating this kind of a person is tiring and pointless, he’s having an affair and probably isn’t in love with you anymore.

5. Refuses intimacy

Is your partner acting weird by refusing to get intimate with you? If he’s always coming up with one excuse or the other day after day, something isn’t right. He may be having an affair with another woman. He would rather take time off on his own even when you both are in the same apartment.

If the man says nothing is bothering him when it looks like something is eating him up on the inside, it might not be that he cheated on you, maybe he’s going through some things. I’d advise you to give him time to come around on his own. Trying to get a person who doesn’t want to speak with you to talk to you is a very dire situation to put yourself in, the rejection would sting.

6. There’s a lady

If your man is getting too close to a lady, that’s a warning sign. You need to act on it quickly before it gets too much to handle. It’s okay for him to be friends with other ladies but there’s a thin line . Watch the way they communicate, if things get really intense between them when they are around each other, they might have had sex or are planning to.

Are they touching for too long? Do you catch him staring at her or is there some kind of unspoken communication going on between them? It’s easy to figure out when two people are silently flirting with each other, it doesn’t necessarily mean the man is cheating, but he may be planning to .

He probably would start hiding his phone from you and taking more calls outside than he usually does, if this is the case, then something is up. It’s easier to know your husband is cheating when you know and have seen a prospect.

7. Hickeys and scratches

Another trick to finding out if your partner just slept with another girl is to check for physical signs on his body. Could be a hickey or scratches, those things are not easy to get rid of; more so, you’d find it if he has one. Has he been coming home with weird injuries on his body, says it’s nothing when you ask him? That’s a sign.

Especially if your partner is someone who’s into little rough activities during sex, don’t ignore any new scars it might just be a tale of what he has been up to behind your back. Guys are good at hiding stuff like this from their partners; the reason he’s putting up a front is cause you’re going to find something.