How can you tell it`s a legit hookup site?

How can you tell it`s a legit hookup site?

If the website is paid, the number of its features is also bigger. Sometimes on free websites, you can only chat while on a paid platform, you`re able to have a video or voice call, look at the webcam performance, send some inappropriate stickers or emoji, and so on. Free websites are mostly created for a quick search for a chick who`s ready to have sex right now without even having a small talk beforehand.

Scams and fraud

Nobody`s 100% protected from online scams, but on a paid hookup website, the risk is much lower. All the registered members go through the verification process via uploading their ID, or email, or a phone number. The profiles are mostly well-groomed and look natural on paid websites, and there`s a smaller chance that some girl will ask you for money. On free websites, the profiles usually look messy and not very nice, even though the chicks are real. Always take a thorough look at all the profiles you may find attractive. They don`t have to be half empty, they should look real, and be verified by the platform. This way you`ll make sure no scams will take advantage of you.

Sure, there are lots of free and safe hookup sites so you can use them too, but wisely. Free websites are a perfect option for those who are still looking for the best platform, those who don`t want to spend extra money on services, and for those who don`t want this kind of a “foreplay” but want to get to action immediately.

It`s not always obvious to tell if it`s a legit hookup site or not. If you stumbled upon a website but can`t be sure if it`s exactly what you need or you don`t trust it much, here are some aspects that you need to pay attention to so that you don`t get fooled there.

Quality and reliability of profiles

How can you measure it? Look at the photos of the chicks on the website, see if they look natural and not just some pornstars` fake pictures. Study their profiles, see if the girls have filled in all the information. Check your inbox for spammy messages from the girls. Try to avoid them. Finally, look at the website in general. Check if they have any privacy policy, contact forms, or an email, and check if the support team really works. There are some other things like the interface or girls` behavior that can also help you realize if you`re on a scammy website.

Friends` and users` reviews

You probably have this friend who also likes browsing chicks for a quick sex at the bar or a one-night stand at the girl`s apartment. Friends` opinion in this terms is also important. They can recommend or disapprove of some websites if you ask them. Plus, you can double-check the website with some other people`s reviews. They`re usually true, but you`ll see it when the feedback is too “sweet” or fake. Be attentive and look through some well-known website review platforms to find out the pitfalls of any hookup site.

Do you need to pay for every single action or feature on the website Does the registration process require paying a fee to start using the website? Do women ask for money there? If at least one of the answers is yes, then you should think better about this website. You don`t have to pay for registration, and sure, you don`t have to pay for viewing the basic profile information like name and age, etc. such platforms are aimed at making money on you, not helping you find a girl for a hookup.