The Top 3 Places to Meet Malaysian Girls in Kuala Lumpur

The Top 3 Places to Meet Malaysian Girls in Kuala Lumpur

  • Use online dating sites to meet men like you

Dating Malay or Indian girls instead of Chinese girls is like signing up on a Western dating site with overweight girls instead of joining an international dating site. It doesn’t make any sense.

Maybe I’m wrong. You might be one of the few guys who know that Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and George Town (not the one in the USA) actually exist.

95% of people I met who have traveled to Malaysia said that they visited Kuala Lumpur. There’s a high chance that you will do the same.

The Best Mall to Meet Hot Malaysian Women in Kuala Lumpur

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The city has quite a few malls and even though the Pavilion Shopping Mall in the Bukit Bintang district is bigger, I was more impressed by the Suria KLCC, at least when it comes to approaching women.

  • Chat with your waitress.
  • Ask the girl at the information desk for help AND for her phone number.
  • Approach a girl who’s about to meet her friends for dinner.

The Best Park to Meet Malaysian Single Women in Kuala Lumpur

The KL Bird Park is best to look at birds, but the KLCC Park is best to look at beautiful women.

And again, we are at the Petronas Twin Towers in the center of the city. Besides a playground (you don’t want to go there), it offers a running track where the hottest women in Malaysia go for a run.

The Best Nightclub to Meet Sexy Malaysian Women in Kuala Lumpur

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The first time I visited the capital, I haven’t been to any club. The second time, one of my friends took me to the Zouk nightclub.

Even though this is the only club I visited, I don’t believe that it’s possible to find a better club.

It’s more than just a club. It’s a whole district. It’s a district with an own rooftop garden, a main room, a terrace bar, and a bunch of other rooms where you can dance to Hip Hop, electronic beats and 80s music.

Malaysian Online Dating: Asian Dating vs. Malaysian Cupid

Approaching sporty and damn sexy Chinese girls who went for a run in the KLCC Park is as fun as hitting on hot party girls in the Zouk club.

On a good day, you can meet 10 stunning girls who exercise in the park. Three of them give you there number and one of them replies to your text message.

Well, the girls are insanely hot but they are also insanely flakey. Heck, they are party girls. You know the game.

There is an easier and more efficient way. It’s called online dating and when it comes to meeting women in Kuala Lumpur or any other part of this country, you have two options:

How to Meet Single Women on Malaysian Cupid

This international dating site has only one goal. It has the goal to connect Western men with Malaysian women. And it does a pretty good job.

  • You’ll meet traditional Malay girls
  • You’ll meet some Indian girls
  • You’ll meet a lot of stunning Chinese girls

How to Meet Malaysian Single Women on Asian Dating

Why on earth would you want to join Asiandating when you can meet girls on a dating site where 100% of the female members are from Malaysia?

I accidentally discovered that most Malay girls who are interested in foreigners (the ones without headscarves) are looking for them on Asian Dating.

I don’t know why, but I guess it’s because they are scared that some of their friends and family members find them on Malaysian Cupid and they believe that nobody will search for them on Asian Dating.