Very good site for Dog lovers and

Very good site for Dog lovers and

We joined BorrowMyDoggy last year and…

We joined BorrowMyDoggy last year and now regularly look after a German Pointer and a Sprocker. We have owned dogs in the past but our last cocker spaniel died in 2020 at the age of 14 and we haven’t felt ready to have another of our own. This site enables owners to have somebody who they can trust to look after their pets and gives people who love dogs the opportunity to borrow them. I thoroughly recommend it.

Very good site for Dog lovers and provides all the support you need and becomes saviours in time of need.

I have only met one person who needs me…

I have only met one person who needs me to nave her dogs occasionally. We took the dogs for a walk together and they all got on fine

Best decision I’ve made

I lost my wee dog last year and I really miss a dog on my walks. I am not ready emotionally to get another dog. I found borrow my doggy and I now have a lovely dog I walk and he’s amazing. It’s honestly the best decision joining.

BorrowMyDoggy Revelations!

We heard about BorrowMyDoggy purely by chance while walking our dog one day and got chatting to a ‘Borrower’ . After a bit of research we decided it could be a much better option to kennels – boy were we right! Our little Bichon-Maltese is one happy girl when she visits the ‘Borrower’ we originally met and has now been back a few times. It is fantastic to meet like minded people who love dogs!! Well done BorrowMyDoggy for coming up with a great idea!

It’s great to hear that you have managed to find a pawfect borrower for your pup and I am sure that your borrower is enjoying it as much as your little girl 🙂

You are forced to pay for premium to be…

You are forced to pay for premium to be able to message back to someone that reaches out to you. Someone reached out to see if I would be interested in taking their puppy for walks and it wouldn’t allow any response without me upgrading and paying. Not worth it if you’re forced to pay to use it, it should just make you pay to set up. Why be able to make an account but use no feature, it’s a bit cheeky to allow users to sign in and but have any use until they pay.

We’re sorry if it wasn’t clear that we have an annual membership fee. We share this information throughout our website, including on the Membership page It’s free to sign up and create a profile because we want our members to be able to check there are members in their area before they choose a membership 🙂

We have an annual membership fee in place which covers our safety checks to ensure BorrowMyDoggy remains a safe and trusted community. Once members have completed this process and become a Premium member, they can contact an unlimited number of owners, to find their pawfect match.

The annual fee Virginia installment loans also allows us to provide accident and third party liability insurance cover and a 24/7 Vet Line.

Borrow my doggie is so easy to use and…

Borrow my doggie is so easy to use and a great experience. For me, i cant justify getting a dog at the moment due lifestyle but love having a doggie companion and helping owners out

I am so pleased to have found this…

I am so pleased to have found this site. It is so easy to find people close by who wish to borrow doggies and help out with caring and looking after our Pixie when we wish to go out!